Last update:  6/2907/2016

Stay tuned for updates.

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Last update:  7/29/2014

Not a whole lot going on in the foreground. That’s because we’re Systems Administrators and not Webmasters and Graphic Designers.

Above this meaningless blurb you will see a menu. You can get support, but if you don’t see Links to the Wallets, Github Source, etc. then we’re still working on some things and have not put them back up yet.

This Site is about developing and promoting Wampumcoin Products and Services. If this sort of thing interests you then great, we have a match! :)

If not… Then what are you doing here? There are so many cooler Websites you could be on!

This concludes my rant for the front of this the new Wampumcoin Website.

– Brad

P.S. Most people read the PS. Even the ones who don’t read the whole damn letter. There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

Todo’s outlined by Bitcoin-Corporation.com
(/ = planning stages, o = in progress, ✓ = completed)

o –  collaboration/project management system (via bitcoin-corporation.com)
/ – exclusive bonuses, products, and services for collaborators
/ – exclusive bonuses, products, and services for mining.wampumcoin.com users
/ – exclusive bonuses, products, and services for certain american indian casinos
/ – gamification/points system
o – website redesign
o – logo redesign
o – IPO (via bitcoin-corporation.com)
o – trading exchange (via bitcoin-corporation.com)
/ – merchant directory
o – brain wallet generator
o – in-house hardware miners (via bitcoin-corporation.com)
o – in-house virtual miners (via bitcoin-corporation.com)
0 – franklin covey individual task management
/ – celebrity endorsement program
o – wampumcoin bounty program

vote raising speed at exchanges
exchange 1 – slow
exchange 2 – slow
exchange 3 – fast
exchange 4 – medium
exchange 5 – slow

Product/Services slated to be payable with Wampumcoin:
– domain Names

http://explorer.wampumcoin.com – Blockchain Explorer
http://wampumCoin.com/catageory/wampumcoin – Wampumcoin.com Direct Announcements/Info
http://faucet.Wampumcoin.com – Free Wampumcoin
https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/8741-wampumcoin-wam-information – Wampumcoin 3rd Party forum